infinity mom3nts is about living in the mom3nt, staying present in the right now. the now is the only thing we have control of.

embrace all the mom3nts that made you, and continue to stay positive as you go along your journey of life !    

I built this brand based around content and my life, I thought it was really unique for me to be able to travel the world and play football at the same time.  I built this brand around content and slowly built up the confidence to create my own Merch.  its been a long process, but with this brand I also slowly been able to recreate myself in the making.  

currently I'm playing American football in Japan. I post content daily about my experience on my Instagram/YouTube. I have created so many mom3nts in my life through football and traveling the world. But being away from my family and friends back home all year is tough, This platform allows me to stay connected with some of the people who I love the most as I create new mom3nts along the journey of my life. but its not necessarily all about me, i want to inspire anyone reading this that if you have a passion or an itch/idea; go ahead and run it up. whatever it is, scratch that itch and try to live your best life .